About Me

I’m a senior in college, taking this class because it, of course, fulfills some requirements for my major, but also because I love everything about the 80s. 80s music, 80s fashion, 80s tv, etc.

Besides that, some other info about me is that I love being active. I’ve done dance since I was a little girl and that love to move has evolved as I’ve gotten older. Hiking, yoga, rock climbing, love all of it.

I’m a coffee snob. My grandparents are Italian so I’ve been drinking it since I was young. As much as I love coffee, I will go without if there is no good coffee available. (Katora on campus kills me).

Animals are a huge part of my life. I volunteer at the SPCA and have fostered animals before. If I could work with animals for the rest of my life, I would.

I have four dogs and a cat, and will provide as many pictures of them over the course of this class as I can. That’s a promise.