Final Project

I can proudly say that I am done with this semester!

While I did struggle with a lot of assignments, and this project, I would say I learned a lot. Maybe not in the typical sense, but I definitely have better problem-solving skills.

Enough of that, though. Let’s get on to the final project!

For this last assignment, my partner Mariam and I decided to retell the story of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off from Cam’s point of view. To do this, we first decided to do an audio retelling as if it were a podcast Cam was hosting.

We wanted to capture the “woe-is-me,” aspect of Cam, but also make sure there was a lesson to be learned in it. In the movie, he has a breakthrough moment that defines his character, and we wanted to make sure to include that moment in our retelling.

Next, we wanted to have reaction images of Cam. My favorite part of his character was always his facial reactions to everything that happened around him. Here we picked our favorite Cam reactions and made a slideshow of them all. We had them captioned as if Cam was explaining them.

After that, we created a comic. This was both my favorite and least favorite part of the project. It was my least favorite part because I really had some trouble putting it together, but I’m super proud of how it turned out. I created a comic called “Life with Ferris,” which told Cam’s story of what it was like to be friends with Ferris. Again, I’m really happy how it turned out. While the comic is short, it took a lot of time to put together. From the facial expressions, the clothes the characters were wearing, to how they talked, I wanted them to remain true-to-character. Images of it are below:

Lastly, we created a commercial for anxiety meds. This one was a bit different in that it wasn’t told from Cam’s point of view. Rather, it was directed toward Cam as he seems to have a lot of anxiety and needs to chill out.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project. I love how the comic turned out, and I really like how we decided to write the script for the podcast. The comic was bright, colorful, and accurate to the story and character. The podcast was the same, but also had an important lesson in it! Plus we used a quote from the movie to end it. I think that quote was a nice touch to the final product.

Anyways, I’m proud of mine and Mariam’s work and I hope you all enjoy it!

Weekly Summary

Final project time!

So for this week, Mariam and I decided to work together. We actually worked together for the radio show and thought it would be a good idea to collaborate again.

We threw some ideas out there but ultimately decided that we wanted to do something that fun. Something that would be a challenge, but wouldn’t boring and exhausting to do. We finally came to the conclusion that we would do our final project on 80s movies with a twist; instead of telling the movie from the same old perspective, we would be doing it from a secondary character’s perspective.

The movie we agreed upon was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where we would be telling the story from Cameron’s point of view. We thought this could be fun in a lot of ways. First, it’s a fun and light-hearted movie to begin with! Second, there’s a lot of fun music and sounds in the movie if you think about it, so adding audio should be easy enough. Lastly, we think telling the story from Cam’s perspective rather than Ferris’ would be interesting to see. Knowing a story from Ferris’ eyes, we see a relaxed and easy-going story. A simple change in perspective will change that dramatically.

We are currently writing up a script and deciding on how we’ll add video and what audio will be included. Should be fun!

Weekly Summary

I am happy to say that this week has been a much more enjoyable (and less stressful) week!

To start off the summary of this week, I’ll go over my Daily Creates which are always fun. My first one was about a creative roadblock. It’s simple and just a play on the word, but I enjoyed the chuckle. The second was probably my favorite. I love all types of art, but I’ve loved Salvador Dali’s work since I was in 7th grade. I would say his artwork is what got me into art. Lastly, I worked on a movie title in emojis. I chose Princess Bride because I love that movie and the emojis are super cute.

Up next we have remixes! For the first one, I had to create a missing person poster, but add an unusual character to it. I chose Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I was feeling nostalgic and besides, he’s definitely an unusual character. AND I ended up finding an image of Shaggy with a groovy background which made it way more in theme.

The second remix I had to take a close up picture of something, but I then had to critique that picture as if I were an uptight art critic. I didn’t like this one as much. I don’t like critiquing art. To me, art can be anything. It can be made up of trash, it can be made up of paint or clay. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even have to mean anything. Anyone can create art and art can by anything we want.

I felt really silly doing my first mash-up, but it was pretty fun. I had to create a story through text messaging and had my friend Jamie help me out. The only downside was that it was a pretty short story just because getting Jamie’s responses took longer than I had hoped.

I kind of went to town on the second mash-up. For this one, I had to tell the growth of a character. I grew up watching FRIENDS and ended up really looking up to Rachel. She started off a completely different character to how she ended. She was a fierce woman who was hardworking and a great mother. I definitely did this assignment to the best of my ability.

For my tutorial, I wanted to create one for Audacity. I had so much trouble with it in the beginning, and now I’m very confident in my abilities with it. It’s crazy how that can happen. Practice really does make perfect!


I decided to do a tutorial, not for any specific project, but for the use of audacity in general. When I first started using audacity, I struggled IMMENSELY with it. It’s kind of funny how much I struggled with it because it’s so incredibly simple when you get the hang of it. So without further ado, the tutorial:

And of course, some cute animal pics to end this post!

Mash-Up #2

For this one, I needed to show the character growth of anyone from tv or movie. I chose Rachel Green from Friends. I feel she has shown serious growth from season 1 to season 10.

In season 1, Rachel was a spoiled woman who had never paid for anything in her life. She had never had a job, always had everything handed her, and was going to marry someone just for their money to continue her lifestyle. Her character growth started when she ran away from her wedding. Running away from a wedding was a selfish Rachel Green thing to do, but it was what started her growth.

After Rachel got her first job as a waitress, she had more character growth when she decided to be brave. She had grown comfortable in her job, but realized she hated what she did. She wanted more for herself. So she took a leap of faith, quit her job, and started to apply for better jobs in a field she cared about.

Even after getting her first job in a field she loves, she went even further getting one at Ralph Lauren. She has a baby, even though she’s terrified, and goes back to work because she loves her job.

Rachel went from a spoiled princess to a hardworking woman and mother. She has shown the most character growth out of all the FRIENDS in my opinion. While the show is dated and has some problematic themes, she has remained a good character.

Remix #2

For this remix, I had to take a really close up picture of something AND THEN, act as if I’m a really stuck up art critic. So here we go!

The artist really doesn’t seem to understand art. What is this supposed to represent? Art is supposed to mean something to the artist, and therefore mean something to the viewer. Maybe the viewer has a different meaning for the work, but it has meaning.

Not only that, but the quality is awful. This isn’t amateur hour. I want real art with excellent quality. If you want a good review from the likes of me, do better.

I don’t like being a stuck up art critic.

Remix #1

Here is my first remix! I love it. I loved the show Scooby Doo growing up (still do) and I thought it would be a fun chance to mess around with it. In my opinion, if it’s not Scooby himself, Shaggy would be the one most likely to go missing from the mystery gang. He’s kind of oblivious and freezes when in fear, allowing any criminal he’s up against to get the best of him.

Anyways. Enjoy.

Weekly Summary

I’m so tired. I hate making video assignments so much.

Let’s just get on with this past week’s assignments.

My daily creates were the best part of this week. My first one was a little challenging, but I ended up catching on pretty quick. Next, I just had to find a misleading sign. It was actually really funny to see all the signs and imagine what was going on in the mind of the creator. Lastly, I dedicated this post to my pups that passed away. I don’t consider myself a materialistic person, but these two items are ones I always keep with me. The photo of Murdock, who passed away almost two months ago and the heart has the ashes of Mojo who passed away last year.

For my project ideas, I wanted to roll with my first idea of telling a popular story through the eyes of a side character. I think that would be a lot of fun, and we could get a lot of different ideas out there. We can be creative, all while working with our favorite movies.

Now, for the video assignments that killed me. First, we have the Countdown to Christmas. Putting this one together wasn’t that bad. Figuring out how to upload it to youtube confused my tired brain, but I got it done! Next, I created a commercial for this class. It’s less of a commercial, and more of a “what to do/what not to do.” Again. I didn’t enjoy. I really need to work on these skills.

I’m going to end this with a picture of Mojo and Murdock because I miss them.

Mojo and Murdock holding hands