Thinking Ahead

I really liked my previous idea of taking a popular 80s movie and retelling it from a different character’s point of view. I think this could really allow us to be creative and tell a new story, but also allow us to work with all of our favorite movies from the 80s.

For example, in Pretty in Pink, Andie is the main character and we are told the story through her eyes. For this project, we would tell the story from the perspective of her best friend Ducky, allowing us to be creative and make our own story, but being able to think about how Ducky would act and think.

I think it’s a really good idea that could be super fun.

Weekly Summary

I refuse to lie or sugar-coat anything, so I’ll just tell you straight up this was, BY FAR, the worst week. I struggled immensely with the video assignments and it was a stressful week in general.

For my first Daily Create, I chose to draw my best Halloween costume. So this is one of the parts that ended my week on a bad note. I swear I did it, but I can’t find it on my twitter profile to save my life. Maybe I just don’t fully know how to navigate twitter yet, or maybe I closed my laptop before it published. Either way, I’m going to post what I drew because I spent a good 30 minutes trying to make it look decent.

I went as Bonnie Parker aka Bonnie and Clyde. I’ve been wanting to dress up as her for a while, just because I like the clothes from that time, but haven’t been able to because accurate clothing from that time is expensive.

(If you would like proof I did this day of, I have an email I sent myself with this picture on the day it was due.)

In the next Daily Create, I used the Pixar Story formula. I thought my idea was pretty cute and was pretty proud of myself. I honestly couldn’t see this as a Pixar movie. I tend to think of movies like Cars, Brave, The Incredibles, etc which I feel my movie doesn’t fit in with. I still think it’s a cute idea!

Unfortunately, we must now discuss my video assignments. I created a vintage commercial, which is probably the one I like better, but still despised putting it together. I like it because the topic itself is one I’m all for. I hate it because I think it’s very generic looking and not overly creative for the amount of time that went into it.

Next, I did Creating a Commercial. Long story short; not a fan. I plan on play around with the video editor more because I had A LOT of difficulties by myself. I ended up using a guided site that had templates and, while it helped me get the job done, it lacked creativity.

Again, hated this week. Usually, I can come out of the weeks and say I was proud of something, but not this week. I don’t think I’m overly proud of any of it.

More practice needed, I guess.

Vintage Educational Video

So again, I hate the video assignments. I feel like I’m cheating and not doing any of the work because I’m using video guides to help me. But then again, I’m still struggling a lot to put things together so that has to count for something? This one, for example, took me almost two hours.

I like the content I created better, but still not a fan.

Creating a Commercial

So for this week of video assignments, I created a shoe commercial for shoes that do the moving for you!

Let’s start off by saying I hate video assignments. I know nothing about how to go about this and eventually just used a website that would help me through the process. I struggled so very much and got so very frustrated that I wasn’t getting what I was trying to do. It was not fun at all.

Here’s the final product which turned out decent, but only because I needed a website that guided me through everything.

Weekly Summary

This week has been a whirlwind.

Starting the week strong, I listened in on a lot of radio shows! Unfortunately, I couldn’t listen to all as I had work and have quite the commute back, so I do apologize to those who put so much effort in!

I can say, that the ones I listened to, I thoroughly enjoyed! My favorite was 80s Brain Cells You Forgot About. I go into in on my Radio Show Reflection, but simply put, I liked the connection the hosts seemed to have, the podcast vibe it had going on, and it seemed really easy to listen and follow along too. Plus I really enjoyed the movies they talked about.

Looking Ahead was a bit trickier. I had a lot of ideas and the possibilities with the theme seemed endless, but at the same time, I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t determine which ideas were valid and good.

My connected daily creates was by far my favorite assignment this week. I thought I was going to have a hard time with this, but once I decided to make it a story and got writing, it turned out to be really fun. I have each daily create hyperlinked in the post itself!

A contender for my favorite assignment was revisiting some old work. I really enjoy anything Halloween themed, so I decided to rework the poster I created for a Halloween Party I’m having. The original was done quickly and was too “cute,” for my liking. This time around, I got to be more creative and make it more spooky. I’m just sad I didn’t get to actually use this one.

I think this week was relatively chill and calm and I’m very thankful for that. I’d say it was a good week!

Revisiting Previous Work

There were a lot of contenders for which assignments I wanted to rework, but I decided to add a scarier flair to the Halloween Pary Poster I created. I didn’t get to work on it as much as I desperately wanted to and, as a result, it’s more cute than scary.

Previously, I found a free site where it had pre-made templates and I just followed along. I picked the graphic at the top, the font, the text, etc, but I didn’t get to be as creative with it. After some digging on the internet, I found another website that allowed a little more creative thinking and here’s the new poster:

What I love about this website was that it allowed me to do all the previous website allowed and more! So, of course, I got to pick the fonts I wanted, the background image, and what the text said, but I also added so effects to the poster. The blood splatter was something I edited in, as well as the wound right next to the 31st. I added a little lightning at the end of Halloween (which I now wish I put in the sky as that definitely makes more sense). I even added the dirty look to the word Halloween.

I’m much happier with this version of the poster. I love Halloween for all the creepy, gory, scary parts of it, and the first poster didn’t quite capture that!

Connected Daily Creates

I’m not actually sure how to connect my Daily Creates for this week, but here’s what I came up with. It’s a somewhat creepy story in honor of Halloween!

The year is 1986. It’s Halloween night. I’ve decided to stay in for the night. I’m getting too old for any festivities. Too old to care about what people think. Too old to want to stay up later for any reason. Too old to do something stupid and reckless.

It’s dark and raining tonight and I just want to go to bed. I want to wear my flannel pajamas, some fuzzy socks, and just crawl under the covers while watching some classic scary movies.

Before I go to bed, a snack is in order. Nothing fancy, maybe just some chips. Chips are always good snacks. I stumble my way through the dark house and open the pantry. Nothing. I move to the fridge. Some grapes, tomatoes, butter. Nothing snack worthy.

I debate whether to walk to the store or not. It’s dark out, but the sidewalk is lit by streetlights. It’s raining, but nothing horrible, and I have an umbrella. I may be old, but snacks for a Halloween movie night are still a must.

I gear up and grab my keys. The moon is full and the night is eerie. The rain has slowed to a mist, and the air is muggy.

I hear noises coming from the woods next to me. I ignore it and continue walking.

Voices are heard from the woods. I pick up my pace.

Laughter followed by a scream is heard. I stop.

Does someone need help?

I hesitate for a few minutes before walking into the woods. I can see nothing, but hear the snapping of branches around me.

I hear whispering. I look back and see nothing.

Snapping branches are heard closer to me.

I hear heavy breathing, I’m sure of it.

Something is getting closer to me and I begin to panic.

I run. Fast. Trying to make my way back to the sidewalk.

I fall face-first into a log. As I’m blacking out, I see a bloody face staring down at me, smiling. He’s holding something shiny in his hand, but before I can see it fully.

Everything goes dark.

I am one with the forest now.

Looking Ahead…

So for this upcoming project, I have very little idea on what to do. I want it to be creative and interesting, but I’m having trouble coming up with some storylines that would be!

Stories related to the 80s can be anything really! I think that’s what makes it so daunting and overwhelming. The ideas are endless, but which one’s are the best? Here’s what I have so far:

  1. A story of an 80s movie, told as if it’s a video diary. So Breakfast Club, we’d choose one character, and tell the story from just that one person’s point of view. With Back to the Future, instead of following Marty’s side of the story, we’d follow one of his parents.
  2. Discussing 80s music and it’s relevance today. What are more well-known songs that have influenced us versus lesser-known songs? For example, I think Queen has continued to make an impact in today’s world, as the lead singer has made an impact socially and the music itself is still often used in movies.
  3. I think it would be fun to come up with an original story that takes place in the 80s. I don’t know the exact storyline, but I think it would be fun to come up with our own story. Maybe something scary or supernatural??

That’s all I got right now, but I like what I have so far!

Radio Show Reflection

So the radio show I caught tonight was 80s Brain Cells You Forgot About. Not only do I love the name, but I also preferred the fact that it sounded more like a podcast rather than an actual radio show. Instead of announcing, there was more of a conversation going on between all the hosts. I’ve never been one to really listen to the radio so I really liked this approach.

The first movie they talked about was It and they discussed both the older and newer versions. I love this movie so I was really interested in what was being said and I LOVED the “Hiya Georgie” audio clip they added in. It was a nice touch. At one point, I think I definitely heard a wolf howling and it was something that really went with the theme.

As they started talking about Pet Semetary, I got the feeling that they had gotten pretty close throughout this process. They were laughing together, talking freely, and poking fun at movies. It seemed like they had a good connection that I definitely think added to the enjoyment of their show.

I also really enjoyed how their commercials tied into what they were discussing in that episode. I loved the music they used in their bumpers as well. The commercials combined with their bumpers really enhanced the cohesiveness of their theme.

I really enjoyed the radio show, but I do have some concerns. I did have trouble hearing certain people. Either some hosts were farther from the microphone than others, or maybe some people are just naturally more quiet. Something to work on!

Another thing is that some of the added sound effects sounded like they cut off some people talking. No judgment here, I definitely struggled with it too. Just something to pay attention to.

Last comment to be made. Again, I really like the fact it felt more like a podcast where everyone was friends and chatting. However, I feel the conversation was all over the place. I felt there was no topic structure. Maybe it’s not necessary, but I would definitely prefer more structure.

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed and job well done!