Daily Create: Supporting Role Star of the 80s Tribute

So for my star, I chose Ed Lauter. I’m honestly not sure if he’s underrated/appreciated, but not many people my age know of him.

One of my favorite movies to watch with my mom growing up was Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. It’s about a girl who desperately wants to take part in an MTV dance competition (and just wants to have fun). However, her father (Ed Lauter) thinks it’s a waste of time an no self-respecting girl would want to be on MTV. I always thought his character was such a negative person and kind of uptight. He never wanted to have any fun! As a little girl, I thought Ed Lauter was actually like this.

It wasn’t until I grew up a bit and realized he’s actually in quite a few things. Just to name a few: Star Trek, The A-Team, Cujo, and Hawaii Five-O.

He has a lot of range when it comes to acting to say the least.

Another Day With The Dogs

So, for those who don’t know, I have a plethora of dogs. Four in actuality, six to be technical. Four are mine and live with me, two more are my brothers, but he travels quite a bit so I watch them for him.

Anyways, I always walk my dogs. Usually just around the neighborhood or to a park. Simple, but they enjoy it. Recently, however, my oldest dog was diagnosed with cancer. Not to sound harsh, but he’s going to die. I am extremely devastated by this, but it’s pushed me to up my game of the walks he goes on. He was always an extremely energetic dog, and loves his walks so I have to spoil him, right?

Every walk for the past two weeks have been different. I walked him in downtown Frederickburg because he loves the attention he gets (plus The Italian Station always gives him a puppuccino), I walked him to a friends house to play with their dogs, I took him on a nature hike, and I even took him to the beach.

These walks made me realize something; that dogs live a life of enjoyment of the simplest things. Something I think humans need to embrace. My dog, Murdock, stops to smell every flower (literally), sits in the grass under some shade and just lays his head on me when he needs a break, he get’s excited when it starts raining and does a cute dance trying to catch the rain. He may be dying, but he is enjoying the simple things in life. He is taking in the world for what it is and making something of it. The walks are peaceful, beautiful, and most importantly, good for the mind.

Murdock loves his walks and I’ve decided to love them too. Murdock is a good boy and always will be.

Daily Create: Obscure but Good Songs of the 80s

I am a huge fan of 80s music so when I saw the daily create topic for the day, my mind immediately started working. Now, being born in 1995, I’m at the disadvantage of not knowing how popular this song was, but I do know it’s not one I hear often anymore. 99 Red Balloons by Nena is one of my favorite 80s songs and has a lot of popular elements that are stereotypical 80s.

I wasn’t quite sure what was meant by obscure, but I figured it was either unappreciated during its time or that it isn’t as heard of today. When I think of popular 80s songs, I think of AC/DC songs that are often used in action movies and super hero movies. I think of Queen songs like Don’t Stop me Now, We Will Rock You, and We Are The Champions that are used in triumphant moments in movies. I think of Eye of The Tiger by Survivor and Jump by Van Halen. I realized that a lot, not all, but a lot of 80s music is used in modern movies and tv shows to convey moments of victory, inspiration, and growth.

99 Red Balloons by Nena is a song that you don’t see being used in movies or tv shows, that isn’t on the radio often, and is a song younger generations don’t always recognize. It’s by a German band which might be why it’s a bit obscure, but nonetheless, I love this song because it’s offers a different version of the 80s. If you haven’t heard of the song, I highly recommend it. It’s fun, it has a sense of wonderment, it’s free-spirited, but also has that 80s eccentric, edginess to it. Be sure to listen, dance or jam to it.

80s were all about crazy clothes, and bug eyes?

So this assignment seemed silly and fun and I’m all about that life. I chose two of my favorite 80s musicians and I bugified their eyes!

Let’s start with the image that turned out the best: it’s Madonna! This image gave me a false sense of confidence. I photoshopped her eyes to be bigger and, like a fool, thought “that was really easy!” Turns out it wasn’t and Madonna provided me luck.

Elton John didn’t have that same luck. It’s ok though. I had a really fun time with this. I tend to get major anxiety when I can’t figure things out right away, but it’s hard to be anxious when you have a bug eyed Elton John and Madonna staring at you.

Daily Create Colloquialism

@ds106dc  #tdc2792

For this daily create on Colloquialism, I’ve decided to use the the word yinz. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA and yinz is their version of the word y’all. For example, instead of “y’all have a nice day,” someone from Pittsburgh would say “yinz have a nice day.” I’m not sure the origin, but I believe they say it because if your from Pennsylvania you’re a pennsylvanyinz (spelled Pennsylvanian).


Hey everyone! My name is Maddie and I’m a senior. I found this process very confusing. It’s fitting that the theme is 80s because I feel I lived through the 80s and this new technology is very confusing. #ds106introductions