Movie Posters That Matter

For this assignment, I chose the movie Wolf of Wall Street. A movie that promotes an abuse of power, dangerous behaviors, toxic masculinity, and greed. For weeks after this film, I saw people everywhere praising the person the main character is based on. He is not someone we should be looking up to. That’s my … Read moreMovie Posters That Matter

Murdock’s Five Frame Story

As mentioned in an earlier post, my dog Murdock had been diagnosed with cancer. Well, this past Tuesday, he unfortunately passed away. I am absolutely heart broken. Won’t be the same without him. For this visual assignment, I’ll be telling a five frame story for Murdock, my very good, very sweet boy. So my five … Read moreMurdock’s Five Frame Story

A Letter to my Younger Self

Dear Maddie, Life will seem difficult. You will want to give up, cry, scream, and yell more than you can imagine. That’s okay. Allow yourself to feel those emotions. Bottling them up will do no good. Because life is difficult. It always will be. You just have to learn to always be ready and willing … Read moreA Letter to my Younger Self