Daily Create: Supporting Role Star of the 80s Tribute

So for my star, I chose Ed Lauter. I’m honestly not sure if he’s underrated/appreciated, but not many people my age know of him.

One of my favorite movies to watch with my mom growing up was Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. It’s about a girl who desperately wants to take part in an MTV dance competition (and just wants to have fun). However, her father (Ed Lauter) thinks it’s a waste of time an no self-respecting girl would want to be on MTV. I always thought his character was such a negative person and kind of uptight. He never wanted to have any fun! As a little girl, I thought Ed Lauter was actually like this.

It wasn’t until I grew up a bit and realized he’s actually in quite a few things. Just to name a few: Star Trek, The A-Team, Cujo, and Hawaii Five-O.

He has a lot of range when it comes to acting to say the least.