Murdock’s Five Frame Story

As mentioned in an earlier post, my dog Murdock had been diagnosed with cancer. Well, this past Tuesday, he unfortunately passed away. I am absolutely heart broken. Won’t be the same without him.

For this visual assignment, I’ll be telling a five frame story for Murdock, my very good, very sweet boy.

So my five frame story tells the life of Murdock. He was an active dog from the beginning, always tiring out his big brother. Tiring out me too, never wanting to end his walks or the hikes, never wanting to get out of the water. Mojo was the only dog he ever played with and he went into a depression after he passed away. Despite that, he always wanted to cheer me up as I took Mojo’s death pretty hard. Liked to hold hands and cuddle, wagging his tail to let me know he was okay.

He was such a good boy.