Make My Day

My absolute perfect day is actually relatively simple. I love to travel, and while I would love to travel to all sorts of places, that can be expensive. Something as simple as a new hiking trail is good enough to brighten my spirits. The day would go something like this:

  1. Wake up at 6 am. Have a good, hearty breakfast to keep energy up. A cup of my favorite brand of coffee just for morale.
  2. Get things ready. Pack up snacks, water, supplies. Round up the dogs, because on this perfect day I can absolutely handle all four of them on a hike.
  3. Meet up with my siblings. Our schedules are usually too hectic to all get together, but it’s my perfect day so it’s happening.
  4. Drive to a new hiking location. Preferably one that has nice views, is relaxing, but has some physical challenge.
  5. Start said hike. Take pictures of the views, my dogs, and how sweaty I get (I get a weird sense of satisfaction when I get sweaty after a good workout).
  6. Get home and spoil the dogs with tons of treats because they earned it. Spoil myself with a nice, hot shower with a nice smelling soap all while music is playing in the background.

That’s it. That’s my perfect day. Pictures below! Enjoy!

I took this photo of my brother and sister on one of the prettiest hiking trails I’ve seen in VA.
The Welsh siblings have a flair for drama.
One of the best hikes I’ve been on. I usually hike locally, but I was in San Diego for a friends wedding and the views were to die for.
Mojo, posing for a picture.
Murdock and Max right after they tried getting on a hammock together. Did not work out for them.

What Happens at Dance Camp…

So when I was younger, I always did a summer dance camp. I was highly involved and participated in a lot of groups. For this visual assignment, I wanted the poster to be a bit retro to fit the theme of the class. I chose a picture that would help describe the kind of dance camp this was: a camp for dance through the ages! I always did ballet, lyrical, and jazz. You know, the more typical dance. I wanted this to be a bit more fun!

Movie Posters That Matter

For this assignment, I chose the movie Wolf of Wall Street. A movie that promotes an abuse of power, dangerous behaviors, toxic masculinity, and greed. For weeks after this film, I saw people everywhere praising the person the main character is based on. He is not someone we should be looking up to.

That’s my hot take for today. Enjoy!

Murdock’s Five Frame Story

As mentioned in an earlier post, my dog Murdock had been diagnosed with cancer. Well, this past Tuesday, he unfortunately passed away. I am absolutely heart broken. Won’t be the same without him.

For this visual assignment, I’ll be telling a five frame story for Murdock, my very good, very sweet boy.

So my five frame story tells the life of Murdock. He was an active dog from the beginning, always tiring out his big brother. Tiring out me too, never wanting to end his walks or the hikes, never wanting to get out of the water. Mojo was the only dog he ever played with and he went into a depression after he passed away. Despite that, he always wanted to cheer me up as I took Mojo’s death pretty hard. Liked to hold hands and cuddle, wagging his tail to let me know he was okay.

He was such a good boy.

80s were all about crazy clothes, and bug eyes?

So this assignment seemed silly and fun and I’m all about that life. I chose two of my favorite 80s musicians and I bugified their eyes!

Let’s start with the image that turned out the best: it’s Madonna! This image gave me a false sense of confidence. I photoshopped her eyes to be bigger and, like a fool, thought “that was really easy!” Turns out it wasn’t and Madonna provided me luck.

Elton John didn’t have that same luck. It’s ok though. I had a really fun time with this. I tend to get major anxiety when I can’t figure things out right away, but it’s hard to be anxious when you have a bug eyed Elton John and Madonna staring at you.