Weekly Summary

Woo boy, this has been a week. It was a tad stressful, won’t lie to you guys.

I really, really like how my audio assignments turned out. Especially the intro I recorded for the radio show. I think I’m really getting used to audacity. I have all the basic features figured out. Now I can start really experimenting and playing around with it.

For the next assignment, I chose to do a product commercial. I really wanted to tie in my group’s radio show theme, so I advertised a hat that Sam (Molly Ringwald) wore in Sixteen Candles. I think during the project, I was experimenting with my “announcer,” voice. Not sure if I have it down quite yet.

Lastly, I did a Guess That Movie, where I could only describe a movie with sounds. Again, I incorporated the theme of my group’s radio show and turned it into a little game show you might hear on air. I honestly am not much of a fan of this assignment. I really don’t like the sounds I chose and had a hard time finding better ones. I do, however, think I’m getting the hang being a radio announcer.

My promo poster is pretty tubular if I do say so myself. I like it quite a bit, and while there are areas I would change, I don’t think it’s bad for a first try. Although again, I think I like my teammate Sophia’s promo poster a bit better. I just love the creativity with it!

Radio Show Week One has definitely been interesting. It was challenging, but I’ve had fun. I don’t really know what to expect for next week, so I’m hoping to get started on that soon.

Lastly, we have my daily creates. I am sad to say that, due to a hectic week, I forgot to do one.

For my first one, I found a billboard that was advertising a new season of Law and Order. I chose it for many reasons, the first being that I love that show and any other crime shows like it. That being said, I also chose it because it was crazy creative.

My second daily create, was Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. It’s a super nostalgic song for me. My parents used to sing it all the time to each other. They still do. I remember loving when that song came on. It was fun to watch them sing and dance together. Plus, it’s just an awesome song.

Alright. I think that’s it for this week. Tune in next week for more!

I am very much getting to a point where I’m forgetting which photos I’ve already uploaded. So here’s hoping this one is new to you!

Weekly Summary

So this week was rough, not because of any particular reason, just a lot of assignments, therefore, a lot of stress.

Up first we have our daily creates. First I drew one of my favorite childhood cartoon characters. Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory was one of my favorite shows to watch with my siblings on weekend mornings. Eating cereal while watching cartoon network was the only way to spend your Saturdays. Next, I put Biff from Back to the Future on a wanted poster, because let’s face it, sometimes the most evil people, are just giant bullies. Lastly, I created an “At Least You Tried” award because I had a difficult week and I needed something to feel better about it.

For the first of my design assignments, I chose one of the most classic 80s movies: Indiana Jones. I loved that movie growing up. The actual assignment was kinda difficult at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was fine. It was actually the hardest of all my design assignments which is funny because it seems the most straightforward.

Next, I created a movie poster for one of my favorite movies: October Sky. I had a lot of fun with this one. I don’t think it was difficult at all and was actually pretty easy. Plus I loved the chance to be a bit creative.

Another assignment I did was creating an event poster. I loved doing this mostly because I am hosting Halloween Party and it will prove to be very useful in the near future. It wasn’t hard to make, but I’m not hugely proud of it either. I wanted it to be a bit more creative and out-of-the-box, but I was struggling to think of anything clever.

My absolute favorite of the design assignments was creating an outfit based on a fictional character. I was John Bender aka “the criminal,” from The Breakfast Club two Halloweens ago and I’m feeling the spooky, festive spirit. So I created an outfit that he, and I, to be honest, would wear.

Last of my assignments was to pick a movie quote and edit into a still of a movie. I chose the classic “Why so serious?” from The Dark Knight. I love that movie and I love the spooky season again so. The actual design was nice, but I was hoping to make it a bit more dark and spooky looking.

Design thoughts was one of my favorite readings that have been assigned. I found it highly informative and fascinating. It brought up a lot of information that I’ve been taught before, but have never really thought about and applied to my adult life. I definitely plan on thinking about it more often.

Design Blitz was highly thought-provoking and I enjoyed analyzing the art and design in the things around me.

That’s all folks.

Weekly Summary

It’s that time again! It’s time for my weekly review of my work. Without further ado, let’s get started!

First up we have my daily creates. As always, I enjoyed these. Shockingly, I think my favorite was this one. I say “shockingly,” because another one of mine involved one of my favorite characters for this time of year: Beetlejuice! However, as much as I love Halloween and all things creepy, I love the picture in the first one. My last daily create was nostalgic. I used to watch Dexter’s Laboratory all the time when I was younger. My older brother and I would watch it going to school in the mornings.

Next, we have my three audio assignments (they were all 4 stars). For the first one, I had to tell the story of a movie through sound. I chose Mortal Kombat because it’s also very nostalgic for me. This was my first attempt with audacity and I had a very hard time with it. I was not pleased and kind of worked myself into a fit of anger. No worries though. By the time I got to my second audio assignment, I was somewhat a pro. I had a lot of fun with this one and was able to get it to sound exactly how I wanted. It had a kind of creepy, but calming vibe for me. For the last one, I wanted to create a place that reminded me of home. So I created a city with all the noise pollution I could think of! It’s soothing for me.

My radio bumper didn’t turn out like I would have liked it to, but I did enjoy messing with it. I felt like I was an announcer for a radio show. It made a little excited about the project we have coming up! I brainstormed all these themes and I really like what I came up with.

I saved most chilling for last: The audio reflection. This assignment gave me goosebumps. It does indeed highlight how music and sound effect can enhance a story by making a listener feel close to it, but wow. It was something else. I felt chilled to the bone. I had anxiety for the characters and even the lack of noise had an effect. 10/10 story. I really enjoyed it.

Can’t remember if I’ve posted this pic before, but oh well!

My sister and Murdock

Weekly Summary

So as always, I thoroughly enjoyed our daily creates. I love the creativity in them and how I can show a little of who I am to the world. Plus the prompts are pretty fun.

For the first one, we had to create our own trend. I took inspiration from another student and decided that I wanted to make kindness a trend. It’s something that I want more of in the world!

My second one, a thank you letter to Princess Diana, was my favorite of the week. I didn’t really grow up watching her, but I do remember seeing her on TV and hearing my mom rave about her. As I got older, I did my own research and found out what a genuinely fantastic person she was. I looked up to her and her kindness and I do think having a bit of her influence helped shape me as a person.

The last daily create required some thinking that the first two didn’t. I wanted to be really creative, but also make sure that it was something I could connect or relate to. I came up with The Material Girl. My mom was obsessed with Madonna when she was living as a teen in the 80s, so obviously I grew up hearing a lot of her music!

For my visual assignments, I had both a great time and an awful time. My Five Frame Story was the only one that I struggled with. If you read it you’ll understand why. I did like finding all these photos that I had forgotten about, so I had that going for me. The rest of the assignments were pretty fun. Movie Posters That Matter allowed me to talk about something I’m pretty passionate about, which is how we praise certain behaviors that shouldn’t be accepted. What Happens at Dance Camp was actually relatively easy to put together and super fun to really be creative with. Lastly, Make My Day was basically me daydreaming in a blog post. It also inspired me to go hiking this weekend!

Photo Reflection was a lot of self reflection to be totally honest. I tend to take pictures of nature because I love being in nature. I noticed I don’t take a lot of genuine photos. Sure, maybe a posed photo every once in awhile, or a selfie with friends, but I don’t have many photos that capture pure, candid emotion. It’s something I definitely want to work on.

Photo Blitz was ruined for me because of my dogs. I love those guys, but MY WALL. Hopefully next week will be better.

Finally, Becoming a Better Photographer was by far the most time consuming, but I LOVED looking at all these vintage photos. It allowed me to see more candid photos and how I should be getting them myself. It was basically a “how to,” guide for photography. I actually really enjoy photography and plan on maybe focusing on it and honing my skills a bit more.

This week has been more challenging than most, but not any less enjoyable. I’m learning to really reach out and talk with other students. I appreciate hearing from them, so I put more effort in commenting on other’s posts. I thought I wouldn’t, but I really like having my own blog to connect with people, customize, and add a little bit of myself to.

Let’s end this week with another photo of a pup.

Johnny and Tobi are sleepy pups

Weekly Summary

This week was a lot less stressful than the previous. While I’m still learning and getting the hang of things, it was a lot less about setting up and more about actually writing blogs, participating, and doing some fun work.

Part of the fun work is the daily creates. I actually really enjoy doing these. Of the ones from this week, my favorite one was the Obscure but Good Songs. I love 80s music. I bonded with my dad as a child with the music he grew up with and I feel it’s allowed me to see what he might’ve been like at my age.

For Colloquialism, I liked sharing a part of Pittsburgh with everyone. I think it’s also a word a lot of people might not have heard of and I always like learning about anything linguistics. For example, did you know that because of modern day national broadcasting, accents specific to certain areas are becoming less common? The more you know!

For the last Daily Create, I wrote about one of the actors from my favorite 80s movies. Not only is Ed Lauter underrated, but so is the first movie I’ve ever seen him in. Highly recommend for all those who love classic 80s movies.

The Assignment Banks I chose were the Creepy Anime Eye and Another Day and I enjoyed both quite a bit. Creepy Anime Eye was less creepy and more silly and fun. It was really hard for me to get stressed about my photo shop skills when I had bug eyed Madonna and Elton John looking at me. Another Day was a bit difficult to write about, but I thought it was more eye opening and kind of felt nice to write out how I’ve been feeling. It was freeing.

As much fun as I’ve had, the best part of this week was customizing my blog. I really like how my page has turned out, and while I’m not done, I’m pretty content with it for knowing so little about designing a blog. It’s weird, but I’m proud of myself and how it looks! I think now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, responding to others might be more fun this week. I’ve noticed other people customizing theirs and I’m excited to see what everyone’s done with it.

I think that pretty much covers this week, so I’ll end this blog with a photo of some of my cute pups!

Murdock and Max enjoying a hike.