Famous Last Words

It’s kind of hard to think about what my last words would be. There are so many situations that could influence my last words. Do I know I’m dying? Because if not, the words may not be so wise. Probably something along the lines of “you wanna fight,” because I, a small human, jokingly say that all the time.

I’m going to assume I do know I’m dying or I’m about to do something that shouldn’t, but could result in death in this scenario. My last words would probably be “there are worse things than death,” which seems brave and wise, but it’s really not.

Over the course of my life, I’ve realized that people will avoid doing things out of fear. People don’t get on roller coasters because they fear dying. People don’t go bungee jumping or sky diving because they fear death. I’m not saying I don’t, but I started doing this thing where if I’m nervous about doing something, I say this and just do it. Because yes, death is scary and no one should die young, but am I really willing to miss out on something adventurous and fun just because I’m fearful? Am I going to avoid things that could make me a better, more experienced person just because of my fear?

The answer I’ve come to is no. I’m not going to let fear rule my life. Life is too short to miss out on such great opportunities.

To end this post, I leave you pictures of my good boy, Johnny. Enjoy.