Who Inspires Me?

There are many people who inspire me, from people I know directly and people I don’t. My parents inspire me everyday. My siblings shock me everyday with how much they inspire me. My friends, which I haven’t seen in awhile, inspire me. Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires me (she’s badass), Lizzo inspires me, Lupita Nyong’o inspires me.

Quite a few people make me want to do better and be better everyday, so I’m going to take this in a little different direction.

I inspire me. I’ve done a lot of growing over the past several years. I’ve gone through depression, done some grieving, dealt with medical complications, but I’m still here. I’ve changed for the better and I have these people to thank.

Having people who inspire you is a fantastic thing. If it’s not your friends or family, then make it someone who’s made a difference in this world. These people will help you become the person you want to be. There’s no shame in growing and inspiring yourself.

Maybe even write it out too! That’s why I’m doing this. When I have a hard day, or week, or even month, where it seems impossible to see my accomplishments and progress, I have something to look at and remind me.

As always, I will end this with a picture of my dogs. Maybe they’ll inspire you.

Mojo taking in all the love.