Another Day With The Dogs

So, for those who don’t know, I have a plethora of dogs. Four in actuality, six to be technical. Four are mine and live with me, two more are my brothers, but he travels quite a bit so I watch them for him.

Anyways, I always walk my dogs. Usually just around the neighborhood or to a park. Simple, but they enjoy it. Recently, however, my oldest dog was diagnosed with cancer. Not to sound harsh, but he’s going to die. I am extremely devastated by this, but it’s pushed me to up my game of the walks he goes on. He was always an extremely energetic dog, and loves his walks so I have to spoil him, right?

Every walk for the past two weeks have been different. I walked him in downtown Frederickburg because he loves the attention he gets (plus The Italian Station always gives him a puppuccino), I walked him to a friends house to play with their dogs, I took him on a nature hike, and I even took him to the beach.

These walks made me realize something; that dogs live a life of enjoyment of the simplest things. Something I think humans need to embrace. My dog, Murdock, stops to smell every flower (literally), sits in the grass under some shade and just lays his head on me when he needs a break, he get’s excited when it starts raining and does a cute dance trying to catch the rain. He may be dying, but he is enjoying the simple things in life. He is taking in the world for what it is and making something of it. The walks are peaceful, beautiful, and most importantly, good for the mind.

Murdock loves his walks and I’ve decided to love them too. Murdock is a good boy and always will be.