Audio Reflection

“Moon Graffiti,” gave me chills. The audio made it seem like I was there in a space station and within the first minute, something goes wrong. My heart was pounding when the voices sounded anxious and hurried. It got very loud and then silence. The lack of audio here even made a difference. It let the listener know something happened.

Later in the story, all you hear is a character referring to himself as Eagle trying to reach others. You hear silence in return. You hear a character in the back saying the computer’s no longer working. They are alone. You hear the scratchy radio. Still nothing. All of a sudden, eerie music starts to play signaling that they are in new territory. You hear the camera go off as they take pictures of this new area. As they explore, footsteps are heard, the music is playing and you can’t help but feel their curiosity. They lay down and ask each other why they think they’re on the moon. It cuts to somebody announcing their fate.

This was super creepy and eerie. The music they writers chose really added to the fact. If they had chose something more light, the story wouldn’t have had the same vibe. The use of radio sound effects, hearing a camera and footsteps, and the sound effect they have on their voices, really adds to the story. These additions help the listener to feel as though they are right there and, in turn, feel the things the two astronauts are feeling.

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