Becoming a Better Photographer

I’d like to start this post off by saying I loved looking at all these photos from the 80s.

Okay. Without further ado, let’s analyze some vintage photos!

First photo I chose was one that really used perspective to their advantage. Capturing photos from new angles adds a new spin on things, creates a different aesthetic, and maybe even gives you a different view on things (both literally and symbolically).

Next up, we have one of the coolest photos I’ve ever seen that really showcases the use of lighting in a photo. I don’t know why lighting can really change a photo, but I love it. I’m thinking it just adds a new beauty to a photo.

Focus was a bit harder to find among these pictures. Most had some difference in focus, but those ones made me second guess if they were actually playing with focus. The one I chose very obviously was using focus to enhance the photo and also uses foreground background! So I present to you: man in glasses in tie.

All of the photos do kind of capture a moment, whether it be casual or planned, but I chose one that is of Prince mid-song. You can just tell he’s dedicated to the song he’s performing, you can see the emotion of pure bliss that music can sometimes make you feel. It’s just a great photo.

For my last photo, I think it really encapsulates a bit of all the points in photography; depth, moment, contrast, foreground/background, a bit of focus, etc. Honestly, the photo messes with my brain a bit.

I noticed that a lot of these photography tips are ones that I unintentionally use everyday, but a few like focus, perspective and contrast I want to use more often.

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