Connected Daily Creates

I’m not actually sure how to connect my Daily Creates for this week, but here’s what I came up with. It’s a somewhat creepy story in honor of Halloween!

The year is 1986. It’s Halloween night. I’ve decided to stay in for the night. I’m getting too old for any festivities. Too old to care about what people think. Too old to want to stay up later for any reason. Too old to do something stupid and reckless.

It’s dark and raining tonight and I just want to go to bed. I want to wear my flannel pajamas, some fuzzy socks, and just crawl under the covers while watching some classic scary movies.

Before I go to bed, a snack is in order. Nothing fancy, maybe just some chips. Chips are always good snacks. I stumble my way through the dark house and open the pantry. Nothing. I move to the fridge. Some grapes, tomatoes, butter. Nothing snack worthy.

I debate whether to walk to the store or not. It’s dark out, but the sidewalk is lit by streetlights. It’s raining, but nothing horrible, and I have an umbrella. I may be old, but snacks for a Halloween movie night are still a must.

I gear up and grab my keys. The moon is full and the night is eerie. The rain has slowed to a mist, and the air is muggy.

I hear noises coming from the woods next to me. I ignore it and continue walking.

Voices are heard from the woods. I pick up my pace.

Laughter followed by a scream is heard. I stop.

Does someone need help?

I hesitate for a few minutes before walking into the woods. I can see nothing, but hear the snapping of branches around me.

I hear whispering. I look back and see nothing.

Snapping branches are heard closer to me.

I hear heavy breathing, I’m sure of it.

Something is getting closer to me and I begin to panic.

I run. Fast. Trying to make my way back to the sidewalk.

I fall face-first into a log. As I’m blacking out, I see a bloody face staring down at me, smiling. He’s holding something shiny in his hand, but before I can see it fully.

Everything goes dark.

I am one with the forest now.

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