Creating a Commercial

So for this week of video assignments, I created a shoe commercial for shoes that do the moving for you!

Let’s start off by saying I hate video assignments. I know nothing about how to go about this and eventually just used a website that would help me through the process. I struggled so very much and got so very frustrated that I wasn’t getting what I was trying to do. It was not fun at all.

Here’s the final product which turned out decent, but only because I needed a website that guided me through everything.

2 thoughts on “Creating a Commercial

  1. There a a number of ways to make videos. Most phones will do it these days. Macs come with iMovie. For Windows, there’s MovieMaker or the Photos app, and you can also do it with PowerPoint, although it’s kind of tedious. There’s also Adobe Spark online. Experiment with whatever works for you and see what you can do with it. It doesn’t matter so much how the end product comes out. What matters is what you take away from the process. It sounds like you’ve learned that templates help in some ways, but they’re also very limiting in some important ways too. And that is significant.

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