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For this daily create on Colloquialism, I’ve decided to use the the word yinz. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA and yinz is their version of the word y’all. For example, instead of “y’all have a nice day,” someone from Pittsburgh would say “yinz have a nice day.” I’m not sure the origin, but I believe they say it because if your from Pennsylvania you’re a pennsylvanyinz (spelled Pennsylvanian).

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  1. I spent about six years in Johnstown, PA, not too far from Pittsburgh. Some people said “yinz” there, but they were usually quite self-conscious about it. Interesting how regional dialects sometimes stay contained.

    1. It’s funny! I spent the first ten years of my life in Pennsylvania, but the less time I spent there and the older I got, the less I said it. My parents said it a lot more and for a lot longer, but even they have stopped saying it as much after they moved. I guess because no one else says it around you, one might have a lower desire to use the word. Having to constantly explain the word was definitely something that made me want to say it less.

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