Design Blitz!

The first photo I took this week was actually not taken by me. My mom had been staying at a hotel in New York over the weekend and sent me this photo:

I honestly didn’t notice much else other than the themes of dominance and proportion. While both were important, I decided to go with dominance of the figure and what kind of message it was telling us. The message, to me, was that her dominant figure meant she was someone of importance and that she had a power about her. I low-key want to have that kind of presence when I grow up.

Next is among my favorite of the week! Mostly because I’m excited I get to hang them in my home!

For these two gorgeous silhouettes, I immediately saw the minimalism in them. I mean, who wouldn’t? The idea of “less is more,” may not always be true, but it definitely is in this case. The human body is gorgeous, and by using such simple lines, the artist tells us that we don’t need much for a body to be beautiful.

Next up is another favorite!

I’m all about feminism, so I went to a feminist art show in DC with some friends. First of all, had a great time. Second of all, the use of the color pink highlights the feminity of the piece. I don’t know about you guys, but I was definitely one of those little girls that vehemently stated that I hated the color pink. It’s a color that was pushed on me a lot as a little girl which caused some resentment towards the color. Now that I’m an adult, I love pink. Just like in the painting, the use of pink is regaining power with the color.

Ok and finally, a book I bought recently:

I chose to focus on the balance in the design of the cover. The asymmetry of the colors and design are what captures my eye and really create a mood that gives you an idea of what the book might be about. It gives the impression of a darker story, with may sharp and jagged twists and turns that happen throughout the book. Haven’t read it yet, but I’ll get back to you guys on that.

Alright. That’s all I got for this week. I had fun psychoanalyzing every aspect of design! Here are dogs now:

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