Four Icons, One 80s Movie

So before I just give away the answer to my icon story, let’s go through the process of doing this.

I am not good at design. I want to be good at design. Much more practice is needed.

Wowza. This was a process. I am not good with technology and kind of fumbled about for a little. I eventually got there, but boy, was it a mess. I’m pretty happy with the final product though. Which, if you haven’t already guessed, is Indiana Jones. It’s a classic.

Anyways, here’s a picture of my dogs.

4 Replies to “Four Icons, One 80s Movie”

  1. I think I could’ve guessed the movie just by the first two icons, because the hat and whip are so iconic of the movie! But I’ll never know for sure if I wouldn’t guessed it with less information because our eyes naturally “read” all of the elements on the page as one unit.

    I think you picked good icons- those 4 definitely represent Indiana Jones! My only suggestions would be to create more uniform line thickness between all the icons, and just to give a little bit more space between the middle 2 icons. Spacing and alignment could really pull ’em together!

    Design is hard, but it’s mostly just noticing the tiny details about an object. Keep at it!

    Also, you forgot to post a pic of your doggos at the end. Dogs are important. Post all the pictures. Hehe.

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