Make My Day

My absolute perfect day is actually relatively simple. I love to travel, and while I would love to travel to all sorts of places, that can be expensive. Something as simple as a new hiking trail is good enough to brighten my spirits. The day would go something like this:

  1. Wake up at 6 am. Have a good, hearty breakfast to keep energy up. A cup of my favorite brand of coffee just for morale.
  2. Get things ready. Pack up snacks, water, supplies. Round up the dogs, because on this perfect day I can absolutely handle all four of them on a hike.
  3. Meet up with my siblings. Our schedules are usually too hectic to all get together, but it’s my perfect day so it’s happening.
  4. Drive to a new hiking location. Preferably one that has nice views, is relaxing, but has some physical challenge.
  5. Start said hike. Take pictures of the views, my dogs, and how sweaty I get (I get a weird sense of satisfaction when I get sweaty after a good workout).
  6. Get home and spoil the dogs with tons of treats because they earned it. Spoil myself with a nice, hot shower with a nice smelling soap all while music is playing in the background.

That’s it. That’s my perfect day. Pictures below! Enjoy!

I took this photo of my brother and sister on one of the prettiest hiking trails I’ve seen in VA.
The Welsh siblings have a flair for drama.
One of the best hikes I’ve been on. I usually hike locally, but I was in San Diego for a friends wedding and the views were to die for.
Mojo, posing for a picture.
Murdock and Max right after they tried getting on a hammock together. Did not work out for them.

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  1. That is a really good photo of Mojo, wow! I love Mojo’s expression, and the lighting works really well here! It’s visually stunning. And of course I love the photo right after it with Murdock and Max! They are all good doggos! <3

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