Mash-Up #2

For this one, I needed to show the character growth of anyone from tv or movie. I chose Rachel Green from Friends. I feel she has shown serious growth from season 1 to season 10.

In season 1, Rachel was a spoiled woman who had never paid for anything in her life. She had never had a job, always had everything handed her, and was going to marry someone just for their money to continue her lifestyle. Her character growth started when she ran away from her wedding. Running away from a wedding was a selfish Rachel Green thing to do, but it was what started her growth.

After Rachel got her first job as a waitress, she had more character growth when she decided to be brave. She had grown comfortable in her job, but realized she hated what she did. She wanted more for herself. So she took a leap of faith, quit her job, and started to apply for better jobs in a field she cared about.

Even after getting her first job in a field she loves, she went even further getting one at Ralph Lauren. She has a baby, even though she’s terrified, and goes back to work because she loves her job.

Rachel went from a spoiled princess to a hardworking woman and mother. She has shown the most character growth out of all the FRIENDS in my opinion. While the show is dated and has some problematic themes, she has remained a good character.

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