Photo Blitz!

My understanding of this assignment was a bit off, but I think I did it! In 20 minutes, I was able to get four photos done! I think I could have gotten more done, but I was really having trouble with the image that required something out of focus. I spent a lot of time there.

The four photos I got done

So the easiest one to take was of an animal. I have plenty of those. I took a picture of my cat who was literally napping on my mouse pad as I worked. He wasn’t pleased I woke him from his nap.

Chessie is a grumpy kitty.

The next I spent a good 10 minutes on. I am not proud of that, but it got done! I don’t usually mess with focus when I’m taking photos, however, I found I like it quite a bit. I took a photo of the path I always walk in my back yard to get to a trail. I quite like the photo!

The opening I always subconsciously take to get to the trail behind my house.

This specifically said to “take a beautiful photo of something rusted or crushed.” Well, I had a hard time making my rusted gate look beautiful. I played around with perspective and liked how that turned out. I just wish I had some better lighting, but these summer nights aren’t so long anymore.

My rusted gate, upside down and from a different perspective than what you would usually see.

For this last photo, I had to endure moments of anger, denial, and grief. You see, I was walking around my house, messing with the focus on my camera, trying to find something rusted. In the midst of trying to complete this assignment, I saw my dogs causing destruction. While I’m still feeling anger and grief, I had a silver lining thought: “At least I have an easy photo for the last one.”

Do these dogs not know I have no money for this!!!

I would say my experience with this assignment was enlightening, but stressful (from trying to complete all the prompts in 20 minutes, but mostly from my dogs RUINING my wall). I did not have fun, but I blame the dogs. Good thing they’re cute.

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