Radio Show Reflection

So the radio show I caught tonight was 80s Brain Cells You Forgot About. Not only do I love the name, but I also preferred the fact that it sounded more like a podcast rather than an actual radio show. Instead of announcing, there was more of a conversation going on between all the hosts. I’ve never been one to really listen to the radio so I really liked this approach.

The first movie they talked about was It and they discussed both the older and newer versions. I love this movie so I was really interested in what was being said and I LOVED the “Hiya Georgie” audio clip they added in. It was a nice touch. At one point, I think I definitely heard a wolf howling and it was something that really went with the theme.

As they started talking about Pet Semetary, I got the feeling that they had gotten pretty close throughout this process. They were laughing together, talking freely, and poking fun at movies. It seemed like they had a good connection that I definitely think added to the enjoyment of their show.

I also really enjoyed how their commercials tied into what they were discussing in that episode. I loved the music they used in their bumpers as well. The commercials combined with their bumpers really enhanced the cohesiveness of their theme.

I really enjoyed the radio show, but I do have some concerns. I did have trouble hearing certain people. Either some hosts were farther from the microphone than others, or maybe some people are just naturally more quiet. Something to work on!

Another thing is that some of the added sound effects sounded like they cut off some people talking. No judgment here, I definitely struggled with it too. Just something to pay attention to.

Last comment to be made. Again, I really like the fact it felt more like a podcast where everyone was friends and chatting. However, I feel the conversation was all over the place. I felt there was no topic structure. Maybe it’s not necessary, but I would definitely prefer more structure.

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed and job well done!

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