Weekly Summary

I’ve found that this class allows a lot of room for creative and I’m very happy about that. Daily creates are always my favorite, but this week’s were a bit funnier and sillier than last week’s. In fact, most of my weekly assignments had a different vibe than before too. My weekly assignments were a bit more heartfelt and emotional to the point that I felt really overwhelmed writing them. Not in a bad way, generally good emotions.

Overall, I’d say I had a good week when it came to the assignments. Even though I had trouble with the story analysis, I did enjoy reading the articles, and watching the videos, just had to really think to put it all together.The thing I enjoyed most is the interacting with all the other students. I liked looking at their blogs, seeing what they had to say about mine, and discussing the little details of our lives mentioned in the blogs. Here are the links to all my assignments:

Writing Assignment 1, Writing Assignment 2, Writing Assignment 3, Writing Assignment 4.

Daily Create 1, Daily Create 2, Daily Create 3

Story Analysis

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