Weekly Summary

So as always, I thoroughly enjoyed our daily creates. I love the creativity in them and how I can show a little of who I am to the world. Plus the prompts are pretty fun.

For the first one, we had to create our own trend. I took inspiration from another student and decided that I wanted to make kindness a trend. It’s something that I want more of in the world!

My second one, a thank you letter to Princess Diana, was my favorite of the week. I didn’t really grow up watching her, but I do remember seeing her on TV and hearing my mom rave about her. As I got older, I did my own research and found out what a genuinely fantastic person she was. I looked up to her and her kindness and I do think having a bit of her influence helped shape me as a person.

The last daily create required some thinking that the first two didn’t. I wanted to be really creative, but also make sure that it was something I could connect or relate to. I came up with The Material Girl. My mom was obsessed with Madonna when she was living as a teen in the 80s, so obviously I grew up hearing a lot of her music!

For my visual assignments, I had both a great time and an awful time. My Five Frame Story was the only one that I struggled with. If you read it you’ll understand why. I did like finding all these photos that I had forgotten about, so I had that going for me. The rest of the assignments were pretty fun. Movie Posters That Matter allowed me to talk about something I’m pretty passionate about, which is how we praise certain behaviors that shouldn’t be accepted. What Happens at Dance Camp was actually relatively easy to put together and super fun to really be creative with. Lastly, Make My Day was basically me daydreaming in a blog post. It also inspired me to go hiking this weekend!

Photo Reflection was a lot of self reflection to be totally honest. I tend to take pictures of nature because I love being in nature. I noticed I don’t take a lot of genuine photos. Sure, maybe a posed photo every once in awhile, or a selfie with friends, but I don’t have many photos that capture pure, candid emotion. It’s something I definitely want to work on.

Photo Blitz was ruined for me because of my dogs. I love those guys, but MY WALL. Hopefully next week will be better.

Finally, Becoming a Better Photographer was by far the most time consuming, but I LOVED looking at all these vintage photos. It allowed me to see more candid photos and how I should be getting them myself. It was basically a “how to,” guide for photography. I actually really enjoy photography and plan on maybe focusing on it and honing my skills a bit more.

This week has been more challenging than most, but not any less enjoyable. I’m learning to really reach out and talk with other students. I appreciate hearing from them, so I put more effort in commenting on other’s posts. I thought I wouldn’t, but I really like having my own blog to connect with people, customize, and add a little bit of myself to.

Let’s end this week with another photo of a pup.

Johnny and Tobi are sleepy pups

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