Weekly Summary

So this week was rough, not because of any particular reason, just a lot of assignments, therefore, a lot of stress.

Up first we have our daily creates. First I drew one of my favorite childhood cartoon characters. Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory was one of my favorite shows to watch with my siblings on weekend mornings. Eating cereal while watching cartoon network was the only way to spend your Saturdays. Next, I put Biff from Back to the Future on a wanted poster, because let’s face it, sometimes the most evil people, are just giant bullies. Lastly, I created an “At Least You Tried” award because I had a difficult week and I needed something to feel better about it.

For the first of my design assignments, I chose one of the most classic 80s movies: Indiana Jones. I loved that movie growing up. The actual assignment was kinda difficult at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was fine. It was actually the hardest of all my design assignments which is funny because it seems the most straightforward.

Next, I created a movie poster for one of my favorite movies: October Sky. I had a lot of fun with this one. I don’t think it was difficult at all and was actually pretty easy. Plus I loved the chance to be a bit creative.

Another assignment I did was creating an event poster. I loved doing this mostly because I am hosting Halloween Party and it will prove to be very useful in the near future. It wasn’t hard to make, but I’m not hugely proud of it either. I wanted it to be a bit more creative and out-of-the-box, but I was struggling to think of anything clever.

My absolute favorite of the design assignments was creating an outfit based on a fictional character. I was John Bender aka “the criminal,” from The Breakfast Club two Halloweens ago and I’m feeling the spooky, festive spirit. So I created an outfit that he, and I, to be honest, would wear.

Last of my assignments was to pick a movie quote and edit into a still of a movie. I chose the classic “Why so serious?” from The Dark Knight. I love that movie and I love the spooky season again so. The actual design was nice, but I was hoping to make it a bit more dark and spooky looking.

Design thoughts was one of my favorite readings that have been assigned. I found it highly informative and fascinating. It brought up a lot of information that I’ve been taught before, but have never really thought about and applied to my adult life. I definitely plan on thinking about it more often.

Design Blitz was highly thought-provoking and I enjoyed analyzing the art and design in the things around me.

That’s all folks.

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