Weekly Summary

I refuse to lie or sugar-coat anything, so I’ll just tell you straight up this was, BY FAR, the worst week. I struggled immensely with the video assignments and it was a stressful week in general.

For my first Daily Create, I chose to draw my best Halloween costume. So this is one of the parts that ended my week on a bad note. I swear I did it, but I can’t find it on my twitter profile to save my life. Maybe I just don’t fully know how to navigate twitter yet, or maybe I closed my laptop before it published. Either way, I’m going to post what I drew because I spent a good 30 minutes trying to make it look decent.

I went as Bonnie Parker aka Bonnie and Clyde. I’ve been wanting to dress up as her for a while, just because I like the clothes from that time, but haven’t been able to because accurate clothing from that time is expensive.

(If you would like proof I did this day of, I have an email I sent myself with this picture on the day it was due.)

In the next Daily Create, I used the Pixar Story formula. I thought my idea was pretty cute and was pretty proud of myself. I honestly couldn’t see this as a Pixar movie. I tend to think of movies like Cars, Brave, The Incredibles, etc which I feel my movie doesn’t fit in with. I still think it’s a cute idea!

Unfortunately, we must now discuss my video assignments. I created a vintage commercial, which is probably the one I like better, but still despised putting it together. I like it because the topic itself is one I’m all for. I hate it because I think it’s very generic looking and not overly creative for the amount of time that went into it.

Next, I did Creating a Commercial. Long story short; not a fan. I plan on play around with the video editor more because I had A LOT of difficulties by myself. I ended up using a guided site that had templates and, while it helped me get the job done, it lacked creativity.

Again, hated this week. Usually, I can come out of the weeks and say I was proud of something, but not this week. I don’t think I’m overly proud of any of it.

More practice needed, I guess.

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