Weekly Summary

This week was a lot less stressful than the previous. While I’m still learning and getting the hang of things, it was a lot less about setting up and more about actually writing blogs, participating, and doing some fun work.

Part of the fun work is the daily creates. I actually really enjoy doing these. Of the ones from this week, my favorite one was the Obscure but Good Songs. I love 80s music. I bonded with my dad as a child with the music he grew up with and I feel it’s allowed me to see what he might’ve been like at my age.

For Colloquialism, I liked sharing a part of Pittsburgh with everyone. I think it’s also a word a lot of people might not have heard of and I always like learning about anything linguistics. For example, did you know that because of modern day national broadcasting, accents specific to certain areas are becoming less common? The more you know!

For the last Daily Create, I wrote about one of the actors from my favorite 80s movies. Not only is Ed Lauter underrated, but so is the first movie I’ve ever seen him in. Highly recommend for all those who love classic 80s movies.

The Assignment Banks I chose were the Creepy Anime Eye and Another Day and I enjoyed both quite a bit. Creepy Anime Eye was less creepy and more silly and fun. It was really hard for me to get stressed about my photo shop skills when I had bug eyed Madonna and Elton John looking at me. Another Day was a bit difficult to write about, but I thought it was more eye opening and kind of felt nice to write out how I’ve been feeling. It was freeing.

As much fun as I’ve had, the best part of this week was customizing my blog. I really like how my page has turned out, and while I’m not done, I’m pretty content with it for knowing so little about designing a blog. It’s weird, but I’m proud of myself and how it looks! I think now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, responding to others might be more fun this week. I’ve noticed other people customizing theirs and I’m excited to see what everyone’s done with it.

I think that pretty much covers this week, so I’ll end this blog with a photo of some of my cute pups!

Murdock and Max enjoying a hike.

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